You Can ‘Press For Prosecco’ At This Immersive House Party-Style Bar • Darling House

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You Can ‘Press For Prosecco’ At This Immersive House Party-Style Bar • Darling House

This glamorous London bar will throw you back to the old school house party days.

You may have heard of London’s latest Instagram sensation, Hello Darling: the Waterloo restaurant that invites guests to dine “inside a work of art”. Well, they’re launching an incredibly extra bar above the restaurant, and you’re really going to love it.

We’re oh so wistful for the days of teenage house parties, where you’d steal your parents’ booze to make a ‘shit mix’, before replacing it with water and hoping they wouldn’t notice (to be fair, mine are still blissfully unaware). But when was the last time you went to a truly decent house party?

People just aren’t into hosting anymore. Maybe it’s the fear of angry neighbours? The stress of tidying up? Or just the general aggro of wanting everyone to piss off so you can go to sleep.

That’s where Darling House comes in: your new hostess with the mostest. And she comes with three major bonuses: a) there’s a licensed bar so you can avoid that dusty old brandy from the back of the cupboard, b) you don’t have to do any of the clearing up, and c) you can leave and go to bed whenever the hell you like.

Filled with gorgeous artworks and oddities, Darling House is the wonderful work of Darling & Edge — the theatrical set designers behind some of London’s most unusual immersive experiences (Gingerline’s Grand Expedition, the bar at Alice’s Adventures Underground, etc).

You’ll enter through a secret entrance disguised by a painting on the wall, and walk into your dream house. Spread across two storeys, you’ll find six lavishly decorated rooms: from the outrageous drawing room with a giant, ornamental tiger’s head and the seductive master bedroom fit with a four poster bed, to the landing designed to look like a Sicilian lemon grove. It really must be seen to be believed.

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Drinks will be served from a little cupboard manned by a mixologist, and there’ll also be a doorbell to call for prosecco. Once the bell is rung, a magnum will appear from a hidden door on the upstairs landing. Magic! 

Darling House can host up to 60 guests at a time, and it will be open Thursday to Saturday, starting September 5. Importantly, it will also be available for private bookings for those who are keen to host an exclusive house party without all the faff.

There’s nothing quite like it: an opulent and artistic London home filled with six different rooms, where you’re invited to hang out as if you were at home. Blast your own playlist through the speakers, sip cocktails in the bath tub, lounge in the library, or party in the kitchen.

For private bookings, you can even book in a few extra surprises, including burlesque in the bedroom, a magician in the library or singing with a queen in the bath tub.

For more information and to book, head over to Hello Darling’s website

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