A Multi-Sensory ‘Gunpowder Plot’ Experience Is Coming To The Tower Of London Next Year

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

A Multi-Sensory ‘Gunpowder Plot’ Experience Is Coming To The Tower Of London Next Year

Just last week, London remembered-remembered the 5th of November in style, as firework displays filled the capital.

While the origin of this tradition isn’t often spoken of when setting off your catherine wheels and sparklers, most of us are familiar with the tale of the Gunpowder Plot, where the infamous Guy Fawkes was thwarted in his attempts to take explosives to the Houses of Parliament.

In this all-new experience – housed in the vaults opposite the Tower Of London, no less – players will step into a time machine to re-enact the events of that day in 1605. Don’t worry though, we’ve been assured the whole “sentenced to death” part of Guy Fawkes’ fate will not be included.

An exhilarating opportunity delivered by Layered Reality™, The Gunpowder Plot is slated to be the biggest attraction to open in the capital since the Shard, come May 2022. Big words, but how often do you get to step into those vaults for an all-encompassing thrill like this?

When you play out the historic London conspiracy, you’ll be treated to a three-pronged roster of live actors, virtual reality and multi-sensory special effects — all making up a presentation that gives you an active role to play in one of the great tales in the chronicles of Britain. Those who believe they have what it takes to infiltrate the gang of plotters, earn their trust and join them are invited to sign up.

An immersive theatre space in the vaults opposite the Tower Of London will be the setting; a space that hasn’t been accessible to the public for two decades, and just happens to be where a chunk of the prelude to the Gunpowder plot took place before Guy Fawkes’ death.


“So when you’re stepping back into 1605, all of your senses are telling you that you’re there,” said Layered Reality CEO Andrew McGuinness on their latest venture. “Your eyes are seeing London as it was in 1605, you get the smells, you will for the first time see the Tower of London how it looked in 1605, and you’ll go down the Thames and see it as it was at that time. That’s what makes it so magical.”

Not only will you be invited to immerse yourself in the feel of London 1605, but you’ll get to play a role in the events that occured in the early hours of November 5, 1605.

Hannah Price, director of the experience, said: “We’ve made a completely 360 environment: amazingly beautiful sets, incredibly detailed extra layers: does it smell right, do the textures feel right? You can look around, you can feel the wind in your face, you can feel the change between going inside and outside – everything about this is a multilayered experience so you’re going to feel like you’re there.”

Guy Fawkes and other Gunpowder conspirators were imprisoned, tortured and interrogated in the Tower of London, giving this experience a direct correlation to the happenings which are being played out.

Tickets for The Gunpowder Plot go on presale from the 16th November 2021 via Gunpowderimmersive.com. Customers can sign up for the presale from today. Tickets go on general sale from November 19, with the action kicking off on May 6, 2022.

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