An Immersive Batman: Arkham Asylum Experience Is Coming To London Next Year

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

An Immersive Batman: Arkham Asylum Experience Is Coming To London Next Year

Gotham City comes to London.

Batman and crime have a fractious relationship. The latter begins (usually we’re looking at you, Joker) and the former charges in to obliterate the guilty party, restoring order to Gotham City. This is how it’s gone for the best part of 80 years, with the caped crusader even finding time to visit London this year, when the bat signal shone bright over the big smoke.

Fast forward to 2022, Batman has planned his next trip out of Gotham City (can you really blame him? We’ve all missed our dear holidays over the last year and half). You best believe his vacation right back to the greatest city in the world, with an all new immersive Arkham Asylum experience swinging into London with all the verve of The Dark knight on his batrope.

After more than 800 comics and 60-odd films, Batman has a new venture for us all. From Autumn 2022, fans of the DC comics hero are invited to an interactive utopia inspired by the defender of Gotham City. Except there’s one issue here: Batman is missing, away on his trip; leaving Gotham City in bits wirth crime running rampant.

Up steps psychiatrist Jeremiah Arkham to fill in the story and restore order to the fictional cityscape, in this exciting new experience, whereby citizens of Gotham are summoned to Arkham Asylum for psychological examination.

Arkham Asylum will provide you with a multi-sensory, futuristic and often chilling alternate reality, allowing the audience to become protagonists in the tale. Become your inner Batman as you channel The Dark Knight, even meeting familiar faces like Scarecrow, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and more along the way.

Jessica Rees Middleton, CEO, Department Studios, Inc said:There is nowhere else in the world where you can experience Gotham City in this way. From the moment you buy a ticket, through the DC characters you’ll meet, and choices you will make – each guest will leave this spectacular experience transformed and eager to come back! We plan to propel immersive entertainment to a new level.”

Arkham Asylum opens in Autumn 2022, and will run weekly with tickets priced at £63.

Tickets will go on general sale at 10am (GMT) on October 29, 2021 with an exclusive 48-hour O2 presale at 10am (GMT) on October 27, 2021 via the O2 Priority app, followed by a 24-hour presale to anyone who registers via www.arkhamasylum.com.

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