Get Your Hands On A ? At This Aubergine, Uh, Pop-Up


Avocado’s position as the #1 Millennial Trend Vegetable seems unassailable. But tomorrow, one plucky food truck will be trying to elevate the eggplant’s esteem with their new creation: the Auburger.

The chefs over at The Vurger Co. are teaming up with Tabasco to provide Londoners with their latest creation, which will be a delicious mix of aubergine, chickpea, paprika and of course, some tangy Tabasco chipotle sauce. And as no burger is complete without cheese, this one comes with a smoky vegan variety and some housemade cumin mayo.

[The Vurger Co.]

This is the kind of fast food your personal trainer won’t be too angry about, as sides include a healthy Vurger Slaw complete with cashews, mango, cabbage and even a homemade coconut mayo! There will also be moreish hummus pots and fluffy pita, along with a tempting pea guacamole and nachos. Yummy. 

You better act quick as this pop-up is only in Bishops Square, Spitalfields for a grand total of three hours. The Auburger will be on sale from 12pm-3pm tomorrow on Friday May 19.

For more information, check their website.

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