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Someone Has Installed A Free Hand Washing Station On Clapham High Street

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Hand washing station

The handwashing station appeared seemingly overnight.

Clapham High Street is home to many brilliant things – Venn Street Market, a film-themed cocktail bar, and, erm, Infernos – and now there’s another excellent addition that perfect for our times. Some persons unknown have installed a free handwashing station along the high street, and it could really help make a difference to the health and wellbeing of vulnerable Clapham residents. (Featured image: Dan Calladine, via Twitter)

Though few people are now wandering the streets of Clapham after the UK-wide lockdown came into effect on Monday night, the handwashing station is a pretty critical addition for those who are. Sadly, London’s homeless population is all-too-often overlooked in a time of crisis, and with no home to self-isolate in and bathroom facilities being few and far between, they’re all too susceptible to the spread of coronavirus. A handwashing station – solitary though it may be – could do some real good here, so let’s hope this idea catches on fast.

You can find the hand washing station at 100 Clapham High Street.

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