This Foodie Haven Lives Inside The Old BBC Building

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Feast Bar & Kitchen is West London’s new culinary hangout.

Breaking news from the BBC studios: they aren’t here anymore. In their place, some of London’s most fabulous foodies haven taken up residence, serving up a boatload of deliciousness to the good people of White City. They’ve been recruited to Feast Bar & Kitchen, whose noble quest is to serve you the finest food the capital can offer.

Photo: @feastbarandkitchen

There’s great pedigree behind the effort: Feast comes to West London courtesy of the team behind famed summer hangout Pergola. This is their second foray into the west, having opened the Feast Canteen in Hammersmith in late 2017. For this branch of Feast, the party has been moved indoors, which handily means that the food continues year-round.


Resident vendors rotate on an six month basis, to ensure the menu never gets stale. Currently serving up the good stuff are taco kings Del 74, who, apart from their brilliant brisket tostadas, also happen to make the meanest margarita this side of Tijuana. They’ve been joined by Morty & Bob’s, who’ll bring along uber-healthy salads and goddamn gorgeous cheese toasties.

Photo: @mortyandbobs

If, like me, you live on the opposite side of London and don’t relish the long trip west, rest assured that you’ll find liquid comfort upon arrival. Feast has a fully stocked bar, well equipped to mix you up some cracking cocktails. Standouts include the negroni, and a rather potent espresso martini – which I’m sure is responsible for me getting zero sleep the night I visited…


Feast is a whopping great space that hosts 300 diners, with room for 150 more outside in the summer. Not that you’ll really need to head outside to feel summery, of course. The venue is chock full of plants, greenery, and neons, bringing with it the inevitable tide of Instagrams.


Foodies, get thyselves out to White City!

Location: White City Place, 201 Wood Lane, W12 7TU. Nearest station is White City. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: 12-10pm (Monday and Tuesday), 12-11pm (Wednesday to Friday), closed weekends.
Price: varies across vendors, but mains range between £6 and £15.
More information: visit their website.

Featured image: @feastbarandkitchen

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