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Liven up your haircut with a trip to Blade.

All of us, at some point in our lives, have endured a painfully stilted chat with our hairdresser. However, Blade in Soho have decided that this nonsense has gone on for too damn long, which is why they’ve introduced a new concept: hair clubbing.

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What is hair clubbing, you rightfully ask? Quite simply, it’s a combination of haircuts and clubbing, hence the name. If you were wondering how exactly a person is expected to cut your hair as you’re throwing out shapes on the dancefloor, then don’t fret. Blade have kept the chairs and the mirrors, but what they’ve added are drinks, Netflix, and top tunes.

Photo: @bladesoho

As your chopper of choice gets to work on making you pretty, you get to kick back with some light entertainment. Hair clubbers receive a complimentary iPad, meaning that your haircut won’t get in the way of that Netflix binge. Blade also have a huge range of vinyl records to spin, and on certain nights, a three-piece jazz trio takes centre stage.

Photo: @janet_barone

Taking centre stage at Blade, however, are the drinks. Co-owner and drinks fiend Stroo, who set up the business with hairdressing wife Julia, has amassed an astounding collection of alcohol, with a particular focus on rare whiskies. Some of the spirits Blade stocks won’t be found elsewhere in London – whether you have it neat, or in one of their top-notch cocktails, just make sure to try one. Blade also stocks beer and wine, or if you want to rein in your boozier tendencies, the cafe offers coffee, teas, and juices.

Photo: @bladesoho

Honestly, it’s not something we would have thought of, but now it’s here, we’re going to embrace it. Chop chop!

Location: 26 Frith Street, Soho, W1D 5LD. Nearest station is Leicester Square. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: 12-9pm (Monday to Friday), 11am-8pm (Saturday), 12-7pm (Sunday).
Price: cocktails start from £7.20, single whiskies begin at £4.50. A haircut starts at £9 and increases depending on what you’d like done.
More information: visit their website.

Featured image: @janet_barone

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