Ex-Squeeze Me! 5 Places To Get Tasty Cold-Pressed Juices In London

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Once an exclusive health ritual of Hollywood stars, cold-pressed juice has now squished its way into mainstream diets. After migrating from sunny LA, juice bars have well and truly made their mark in London. The ‘science’ behind the cold-press technique? In brief, the way that fruit and veg are squashed without any heat means that more nutrients are kept in (in comparison to pasteurised juices). Here are some of our favourite spots to get your juice fix…


1. Roots and Bulbs

[Roots and Bulbs]
The Roots and Bulbs menu leaves no ingredient or piece of nutritional information hidden. The juices are categorised into Greens, Carrots or Seasonal and you’re given the low-down of the calories, sugars, fibre and protein of each variation. They don’t give their recipes potentially deceiving, well-marketed names. Instead, they keep things simple. G2, for example, is on the Green menu and consists of cucumber, spinach, romaine, apple & herb. The store is located in South Kensington and also serves a selection of hearty, healthy food.


2. Imbibery

Branding themselves as an ‘Intoxicating Detox’ (and judging from the above picture, we can understand why!), Imbibery believe that juicing is a way of life – that nutrients and healthy living are all to be absorbed by the body and soul. Perhaps a little farfetched, but nevertheless, they do offer a unique menu. For something really different, try the Spicy Limeade, which combine lime, lemons, water, cayenne pepper and agave. Juices are £6 each and can be ordered online.


3. Blend and Press

[Blend and Press]
Founded in January 2013 by beauty, wellbeing and health course teacher, Emma Wood, Blend and Press brings vitality to London through their unique and beneficial ingredients combinations. Although their pop-up store in Neal’s Yard has now closed (they’re planning a re-opening in a new location), you can still order juice for delivery through their website. Juices are to be bought in boxes and are not cheap… so if you are planning a juice cleanse, this is one your wallet will force you to stick to.


4.The Good Life Eatery

[Good Life Eatery]
For those with ‘pulp phobia’ or the people who hate juice ‘with bits’, the Good Life say goodbye to pulp. They have a great menu to taste your way through. Greeny in a Bottle is a pungent mix of cucumber, swiss chard, fennel, basil and lime, but is not one for juice newbies. We’d recommend a Melrose Sunset, with strawberries, apple and coconut water, for those with more of a sweet tooth. The Good Life has locations in Belgravia, Chelsea and Marylebone, but also does online deliveries.


5. The Source Juice

[The Source]
You’ll find The Source Juice stocked in various locations across London, including Selfridges, Tothelo Cafe and Gitane. You can also order your juice for delivery online. We’d recommend going for the warming yet refreshing Volcano, which includes a vibrant mixture of carrot, pear, pineapple, lemon, ginger and turmeric.


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Featured Image Credit: Blend and Press

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