An Espresso Martini Pop-Up Is Coming To London

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An Espresso Martini Pop-Up Is Coming To London

Introducing Café Belvedere, the pop-in pop-up in Soho, serving nothing but espresso martinis.

Set up like a industrial coffee shop, but with a very naughty twist, Café Belvedere will be supplying coffee cocktails to fashionistas and vodka fans throughout London Fashion Week. After all, the espresso martini is definitely the must-have accessory for Spring/Summer ’18 – or, in fact, any season at all.

Cafe Belvedere Espresso Martini

Espresso martini’s origins can be traced back to Soho in the 1980s, so Café Belvedere is very much about bringing the cocktail back to its roots. The pop-up will see the debut of the new Belvedere Espress, the fastest ever espresso martini served in a vintage-inspired syphon and designed to be shared amongst friends. We can only imagine it was created by a bunch of incredibly impatient caffeine addicts who just couldn’t get their martinis fast enough. We’re not complaining, mind – the speedier the better.

Cafe Belvedere 5

You’ll also be able to try other coffee-based cocktails, including the Espresso Collins, the Cold Brew Gimlet and a Beetroot Flat White. We might pass on that last one, but they’re all specially curated by senior Savoy Mixologist, Martin Hudak, so we have reason to believe they’re actually quite good.

You’ll find Café Belvedere at 15 Bateman Street, W1D 3AQ. Nearest stations: Tottenham Court Road or Piccadilly Circus. It’s open 1pm – 9.30pm, Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th February

Feature image by John Hope

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