Get Your Gaming Groove On At This Pair Of Hi-Tech Shuffleboard Bars In London • Electric Shuffle

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Get Your Gaming Groove On At This Pair Of Hi-Tech Shuffleboard Bars In London • Electric Shuffle

Shuffleboard gets a modern makeover over at kick-ass gaming bars know as Electric Shuffle.

The Flight Club team won’t stop until they’ve revolutionised every social activity in the city, and here they’re swapping darts for the noble sport of shuffleboard. The popular site first opened in Canary Wharf in 2019, and have since spread their wings to a second location in London Bridge. Electric Shuffle takes the traditional game of shuffleboard and gives it a modern spin, courtesy of technological wizardry and banging cocktails.

Electric Shuffle

Shuffleboard was once a favoured pastime of notorious hedonist Henry VIII, so it’s little surprise that the game is still winning new fans a half-millennium later. Electric Shuffle has come a long way from the Tudors though, as the hi-tech update includes three separate games, each inspired by a different element of shuffleboard. The result, Electric Shuffle promise, is “a fast-flowing, mesmerising game” that should prove a hit with the post-work crowds.

Electric Shuffle

Lining up on either Team Pink or Team Blue, you’re welcomed into the neon-lit amphitheatre to do battle across three quite different games. In The Amplifier, you’ll need to rack up the points by landing your pucks in five different scoring zones, whilst Eclipse invites you to land your puck on a distant target – and if that means shoving other pucks aside, so be it. Finally, Territory is all about occupying the maximum number of spaces on the board, in a gripping game that feels a lot like a shuffleboard version of Risk.

Electric Shuffle

Before you do battle on the boards, we recommend that you fuel up with Electric Shuffle’s glorious grub menu. Whether it’s a sharing pizza paddle, a platter with Korean beef skewers or a classy electric rainbow bowl, you can be sure of a quality to match the heights of your forthcoming round of games.

When it comes to sip from the cup of victory, a range of fantastic cocktails and craft spirits should be perfect to toast your success (or drown your sorrows, depending on the outcome). I also can’t help but think Electric Shuffle should be the name of the dance move you bust out upon sliding the winning puck, to be honest.

Ever since its arrival in London we can cetainly say Electric Shuffle deserves a seat at the table with the big boys of gaming bars, alongside the likes of crazy golf and bowling. Shuffle on down there to find out why!

Find Electric Shuffle over at London Bridge (10 Bermondsey Street, SE1 2ER) and Canary Wharf (10 Cabot Square, North Colonnade, E14 4EY). Book your space here!

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