This Incredible Bottomless Brunch Features Hi-Tech Beer Pong

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Digital Beer Pong

Bounce your way to glory at this digital beer pong bottomless brunch.

By now, you’ve most likely seen bottomless brunches of all shapes, sizes, and persuasions (probably in these very pages). However, you’ve probably not combined two of the capital’s noblest sports – brunching and beer pong – in one epic afternoon of competition. Thankfully, Lan Kwai Fong in Camden are daring to do just that, with the arrival of their bottomless brunch and digital beer pong sessions. It’s perfect for anyone whose competitive spirit was awakened by one too many lockdown games nights, and you can find your tickets here.

Digital Beer Pong

There’s no finer arena in which to prove your physical and tactical dominance than beer pong, is there? Lan Kwai Fong’s digital beer pong tables take the classic uni sport and elevate it to the next level, with plenty of flashing neons and the expectant crowd slowly ratcheting up the tension. Throw in their signature bottomless cocktails (which include the likes of a Green Tea Mojito) and you might find your aim getting a little less accurate as the game continues. Something which wouldn’t stop a true champion, I might add…

Digital Beer Pong

To fuel your competitive fire, Lan Kwai Fong will serve a brunch full of Asian delicacies. Tuck into Malaysian chicken curry, Pad Thai noodles, crispy prawn dumplings, dim sum, and bao buns, and you’ll be ready to tackle the beer pong tables. So, simply pick up your tickets and prepare to bounce your way to glory!

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