We Are Obliged To Tell You That Deep Fried Magnums Are Now Available In London

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Deep fried Magnum

Is the deep-fried Magnum the ultimate food porn?

My first instinct, once I’ve wiped the drool away, is to say yes, because the deep-fried Magnum is quite frankly an unholy alliance of everything that’s good about food. You can thank Halo Burger (who have certainly earned their name, IMHO) in Brixton for this creation – if you’ve not got your mouth full of it, of course…

Rightfully famed for their drool-worthy vegan burgers, complete with slices of yellow “cheese”, Halo Burger’s search for a dessert option has led them to fried ice cream heaven. They take a vegan vanilla Magnum (yes, this thing is implausibly still vegan), batter it in cornflakes and crushed biscuits, deep fry it, and then drizzle the whole thing with a vegan chocolate sauce.

If you’re still reading this, and haven’t flung down your phone/laptop to head off in search of this glorious treat, props for the willpower. But there are a couple of things you need to know, namely the where and the when. You’ll find it at Pop Brixton, and the answer to “when” should really be “as soon as possible”, for the deep-fried Magnum is available from today!

Find it at 49 Brixton Station Road, SW9 8PQ. Learn more about Halo Burger from their website.

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