This Enlightening Talk Explains Why We Should Decriminalise All Drugs

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Should we be decriminalising all drugs? You’ll get your answers here…

If you’ve not gone along to a fascinating Fever Talk yet – and why haven’t you, they’re great! – then we’ve found one that might just pique your interest. Renowned neuropsychopharmacologist Professor David Nutt will be explaining why he believes all drugs should be decriminalised, in a radical rethink of the criminal justice system. It’s bound to be eye-opening stuff, and you can nab yourselves some tickets here.

Professor Nutt is regarded as one of the UK’s leading experts on drug policy, and has spent a career challenging the widespread beliefs about how we regulate drug use in the UK. By illustrating the failings of the war on drugs, and how it has disproportionately affected poor, vulnerable, and minority communities, he’ll hope to convince you that decriminalising all illicit drugs could be the answer – drawing on examples of successful policies from the likes of Portugal and the Netherlands.


The talk will draw on both new research and a lifetime of experience, and is sure to open your mind to a more humane way of approaching drug regulation. It all takes place at the Genesis Cinema in Bethnal Green, and since tickets are expected to be in high demand, you’d better grab them before they’re gone


It’s just one of a number of engaging talks Fever are running on the subject of drugs and medication – for instance, you can also learn about how magic mushrooms are being used to treat depression! Other talks, meanwhile, will question whether MDMA could be the future of therapy, and delve into the science behind psychedelic drugs. Really, it’s your chance to get clued up about some of the biggest debates in modern science, so don’t miss out.

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