A New Cycle-In Cinema Is Riding Into London Next Week

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A New Cycle-In Cinema Is Riding Into London Next Week

Wheels at the ready.

In a post-lockdown world, drive-in cinemas seem to have become a bit of A Thing. Well, if you own a car, that is. And sure, they are a good solution to keeping the world socially distanced while enjoying some fun with friends and family. But what if there was a new, more eco-friendly solution for those that don’t own cars, or wish to cut down their carbon footprint?

Enter London’s new cycle-in cinemas. Yep, that’s right. You can now jump on the saddle and peddle into the park to catch a movie.

This initiative is taking place at two London parks. It kicks off next week with Cycle-in at Leyton Jubilee Park from August 19-22. Then, from September 3-6, Cycle-in at Pimp Hall Park will commence.

Family tickets start from £6 and can be booked online. According to the website, films include “a diverse range of family favourites, modern movies and blockbusters – from Hollywood to Bollywood from contemporary to classic to a world premiere!”

On top of the film fun, there will also be family-friendly activities running beforehand. These include “pre-film entertainment, DJs, dance and performance from X7eaven, dance workshop and performance from Khyal Arts, craft activities from Scribble and Smudge, a special premiere screening of award-winning horror-comedy OG DOOM”.

Full listings for Leyton Jubilee Park and Pimp Hall Park can be viewed online. Come along for the ride!

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