The Crystal Maze Experience Is Every 90s Kid’s Dream

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Crystal Maze London

 If you’ve been loving the latest Channel 4 series of the Crystal Maze, now’s your opportunity to give it a go yourself.

Crystal maze dome London

London’s open-to-the-public Crystal Maze experience was a crowdfunded sensation back in June 2015, smashing its target on a wave of 90s-kid nostalgia that even predated its return to our TV screens.

It launched to widespread acclaim for one simple reason: it’s thrillingly, geekily, exactly like the telly show.


Stepping into the maze as part of a team of eight, you’ll be accompanied by your own professional Maze Master: part-judge, part-jester and irrepressible cheerleader who, in our experience, could go toe-to-toe with O’Briens, Tudor-Poles and Ayoades for ironic asides and madcap energy.

Clambering, sliding, and running through all four zones, you’ll take on games of skill, physical and mental challenges, and the odd mystery, in an attempt to earn a crystal from each. You’ll be solving puzzles, shooting crossbows, cracking codes and more besides.

Crystal maze London aztec game

Just as you’d expect, teammates can assist and offer advice through portals into each game. (Alternatively, they might all scream mutually contradictory things at you, until you melt into a puddle of tears.)

The latest addition to the ever-changing maze is the infamous PLANETS game, as recently popularised by the hapless TV show contestant from this viral clip…

Here’s hoping you make easier work of it than he did.

After eighty exhilarating minutes and (for us) sixteen games completed, it’s onto the Crystal Dome. As fans of the show will know, crystals buy you time in the dome, but in the event of an embarrassingly low score (the all-time lowest, we’re told, was ‘negative four’) you’ll probably get to frolic inside anyway.

You’ll be facing off against up to three rival teams for an added competitive frission. The cry of ‘START THE FANS’ goes up, and then it’s one final push to grab as many glittering tokens as possible, before your final score is revealed, and your place on the leaderboard decided.

Crystal Maze experience

Basically, it’s a proper hoot. If you’ve got a big birthday, work party, hen or stag do in the offing – or just really want to show off to your mates how good you are at dodging lasers – you’d be mad to miss it.

Location: 10 White Lion Street, N1 9PD. Nearest station: Angel. See them on Google Maps.
Opening hours: Tue-Sun, games start on the hour, 10am – 9pm.
Entry: from £54.50 per person. Over 18s only. Booking in advance is essential. Teams are eight people: groups smaller than this will usually be combined with others.
More information: head to their website.

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Guy Parsons

Guy Parsons

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