These Incredible Sculptures Of Everyday Objects Look Like Perfect Line Drawings

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These Incredible Sculptures Of Everyday Objects Look Like Perfect Line Drawings

These astonishing sculptures are on display in King’s Cross.

Irish-born artist Michael Craig-Martin’s incredible sculptures have, until now, always been displayed outdoors. But for the first time ever, they’re being shown inside — and it’s also the first time they’ve been exhibited as a group in London.

Photo: @traceytravelling

Craig-Martin explores the relationship between objects and images, perception and reality. In his early work, he would use real objects to create his art; playing around with the concepts of illusion and belief. He then moved on to make images of these objects, starting with simple and precise line drawings that remain the foundation of his work. In the 90s, he designed a series of large installations that explored the physical and imaginary relationships between viewer, object, and space.

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© Michael Craig-Martin | Photo: Mike Bruce | Courtesy the artist and Gagosian

In the current exhibition at Gagosian, you’ll find six new sculptures in a medium that Craig-Martin has been experimenting with since 2011: powder-coated steel installations of everyday objects that look just like line drawings scribbled in the air. Standing at over three metres high, you’re able to walk around and through the sculptures.

Check out Michael Craig-Martin’s spectacular work at the Gagosian on Britannia Street (

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