Hit West End Musical ‘Come From Away’ Is Being Adapted Into A Film

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Come From Away will be coming to a big-screen near you!

Due to Covid-19 and the madness that is 2020, the majority of West End productions have been forced to close indefinitely. The award-winning musical Come From Away is just one of the many shows that has had to end its run far too earlyBut do not despair, as the creators of the musical have just confirmed that a motion-picture adaptation will be coming to cinemas worldwide!

The hit musical is set in the days following the September 11 attacks, and tells the story of what happened when thirty-eight passenger planes were forced to make emergency landings in the small Canadian town of Gander. With such a powerful story based on true events and an incredibly talented cast, it is arguably the most wholesome show in the West End.

Back in April 2019, creators Irene Sankoff and David Hein teased that the musical was being adapted into a movie. They claimed that it would be filmed in Gander and that locals would be cast over Hollywood stars so that it felt more authentic. Since then, there has been little-to-no conversation about the film – and when the pandemic hit, many were been left wondering whether the movie was still on the cards. 

But in a recent interview with the Toronto Star, Hein said “We’ve turned in a draft of the “Come From Away” movie, it’s exciting”. You’ve heard it here first, your favourite musical is officially coming to the big-screen, following in the footsteps of the recently-released Hamilton film, which appeared on Disney+ last month.

There hasn’t been any mention of a release date just yet as the film is still in the early phases of production. But at least we know there’ll be a Come From Away movie in the future, however distant that may be. In the meantime, Alexa, play Welcome to the Rock!