This Striking Exhibition Features ‘Faceless’ Portraits Of Pop Icons

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This Striking Exhibition Features ‘Faceless’ Portraits Of Pop Icons

A brilliant exhibition by Spanish artist Coco Dávez is coming to London’s Maddox Gallery.

Madrid-based Coco Dávez is bringing her collection of ‘faceless’ portraits to London in May. Tipped as one of the ’10 Best Artists Working Today’ by GQ Magazine, and listed as one of the ’30 Under 30′ most influential artists by Forbes, it’s pretty fair to say that Coco is a rising star in the art world.

Choosing subjects that have inspired her, Coco combines pop art with neorealism in her artwork. The portraits are ‘faceless’, leaving the viewer to play a game of ‘Guess Who?’ – though it’s not so hard to realise who they are, as each painting highlights each of the subjects’ most recognisable characteristics.

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Within the collection you’ll find striking portraits of David Bowie, Andy Warhol, Amy Winehouse, Frida Kahlo, and many more of Coco’s icons. It truly is a must-see.

You’ll catch them at Maddox Gallery Westbourne Grove (W2 5RU) between May 10 and May 31. 

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