The Clocks Go Forward Tonight, Just In Case You’d Forgotten In The Midst Of Everything Else Going On

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Clocks go forward

British Summer Time begins tonight.

Cards on the table, I’m writing this because I’d completely forgotten, and with the world crazy enough as it is right now, I thought you didn’t need the further complication of waking up and not knowing what the time is. I barely know what day it is, to be perfectly honest, but we can at least aim for a semblance of normality, right?

Anyways, at 1am on the morning of Sunday, March 29th, the clocks are going to immediately spring forward an hour and British Summer Time officially begins. The toll exacted for this – as it is every year – is an hour less in bed, but since plenty of us are currently discovering the joys of a mid-afternoon nap, it’s perhaps the one year where we won’t be grumbling about it. Silver linings!

That means sunset tomorrow won’t be until 7:29pm, a veritable treat given the enviably beautiful sunshine of late. This week, if you time your one excursion out of the house right, you can finish work, pop to the shops, and get home whilst the sun still shines, thus rewarding yourself with that tasty annual treat – the ability to joyfully exclaim “isn’t it nice to be home before it gets dark!”

See, some things don’t change, irrespective of the state of the world – and isn’t that comforting? Unless, of course, you didn’t want to be even more acutely aware of the inexorable passing of time given our current situation… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wondering what happens to London’s most famous clock at this time? Read all about the fascinating process of changing the time on Big Ben here.

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