It’s Basically Five Weeks Until Summer And I’m Not Even Lying

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Clocks Change Summer London

When does British Summer Time begin? Sooner than you think!

By February, winter has become fully unbearable, like that one weird person left at the after-party nobody knows, who keeps telling extremely dull stories about their secondary school. [Photo:Serge Kueccyh]

Unless you’ve managed to wangle yourself a bit of winter sun (screw you, by the way) you’re probably so pale you’re translucent, and have become chemically bonded with the formless jumper you’ve been wearing every day since New Year’s.

BUT! The tide has started to turn. The days are already subtly lengthening at the rate of almost 4 minutes every single day, and that means it’s soon going to be PROPERLY LIGHT, and maybe even QUITE WARM. To WIT:

March 13 (25 days)

It will finally still be light at 6pm! Hey, that’s not bad.

London Summer Photo
Photo: Chris JL

March 25 (37 days)

Five weeks from this Sunday, the clocks go forward, British Summer Time begins, and it’s now light until 7.20pm.

Clocks Go Forward London 2018
Photo: Mac’s Photo Site

March 30 (42 days from today)

The first day it broke 20°C in 2017.

London Summer Sunset Times

April 8 (51 days from today)

The first day it broke 25°C in 2017.

London Summer Weather Information
Photo: Clive Flint

April 17  (60 days)

It’s now light until 8pm in the evenings. Whee! And then, my friends, we’re really off to the races.

So you see, summer really is closer than you think. Hang on in there, London, we’re nearly there!

Guy Parsons

Guy Parsons

Guy is the editor-in-chief of Secret London. He likes running, cover versions and scotch.