It’s Basically Five Weeks Until Summer And I’m Not Even Lying

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British Summer Time

When does British Summer Time begin? Sooner than you think!

By late February, winter has become fully unbearable, like that one weird person left at the after-party nobody knows, who keeps telling extremely dull stories about their secondary school. Since you’ve been confined to the house since early January (thanks, lockdown) you’re probably so pale you’re translucent, and have become chemically bonded with the formless jumper you’ve been wearing every day since New Year’s. BUT! The tide has started to turn, and British Summer Time is on the way. The days are already subtly lengthening at the rate of almost two minutes every single day, and that means it’s soon going to be PROPERLY LIGHT, and maybe even QUITE WARM. To WIT:

March 12 (17 days from now)

With sunset slated for 6:00pm this day, it will, for the first time this year, finally still be light at 6pm! Hey, that’s not bad.

London Summer Photo
Photo: Chris JL

March 28 (33 days from today)

In a mere five weeks, the clocks go forward, British Summer Time begins, and it’s now light until 7:27pm. Madness!

Clocks Go Forward London 2018
Photo: Mac’s Photo Site

April 8 (44 days from today)

This was the first day the mercury nudged 20°C in 2020, marking the proper start of warmer weather. Not that we could exactly enjoy it, since we were three weeks into the first lockdown, but a veritable milestone, nonetheless. Keep scanning the weather channels when this date rolls around for those tasty rays.

British Summer Time
Photo: Clive Flint

April 17 (53 days from today)

By this date, it will be light until 8pm in the evenings. Coincidentally, it’ll also be the first weekend that pub gardens are open, if England’s lockdown roadmap unfolds as planned. Whee! And then, my friends, we’re really off to the races.

British Summer Time

May 21 (87 days from today)

Peering twelve weeks into the future might seem futile in the world of weather forecasting, but in 2020, this is the first day the mercury hit 25°C. And given how much Londoners love their summer outings – picnics! Al fresco dinners! Negroni-sipping on rooftops! – we’ll most likely be giddy with summer excitement by this stage. Absolute bliss!

So whilst it may be a grey and nondescript February right now, summer really is closer than you think. Hang on in there, London, we’re nearly there!

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