Claridge’s Sparkling Art Deco Christmas Tree Is Made With Real Crystals

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Mega-posh London hotel Claridge’s has unveiled its new Christmas tree.

With December here and the lockdown over, we’re starting to get into the swing of Christmas here at Secret London. So too are the lovely folks at Mayfair hotel Claridge’s, who have just revealed their Christmas tree. Whilst some may go in a traditional direction for their Christmas tree, the hotel opts for a more stylish design worthy of Instagrammers and high-paying clientele alike. It usually yields a spectacular result, and 2020 is no different, with a jaw-dropping Art Deco-inspired silver tree now filling the hotel lobby.


Usually, Claridge’s give creative control to the world’s most influential fashion designers, who are invited to let their imaginations run riot. This year, they’re doing things slightly differently by putting Kally Ellis, founder of floral designers McQueens Flowers, in charge of the tree design. It’s a decision which has paid off spectacularly, as the silver and white frosted tree is dripping with 10,000 garlands and pendants, made from both glass and crystal. At 4.5 metres tall, and sitting upon a mirrored pool that throws iridescent reflections across the lobby, it’s a pretty unmissable sight.


The message behind the Claridge’s Christmas tree is pretty neat, too. Not only is it paying homage to the hotel’s own Art Deco design, but it also hearkens back to the Roaring 20’s and the optimism and glamour that began after the end of WW1. The hotel’s hope is that this message of a return to hope and happiness can give us inspiration a century later, as we continue to live through the coronavirus pandemic. (Let’s just hope the 2020s don’t end the same way the 1920s did, though…)


This is the eleventh year that Claridge’s have invited one of their longstanding friends to design the tree, and it’s produced a rich history of stunning, Insta-worthy Christmas trees. Witness last year’s breathtaking creation, a glittering red and gold tree complete with champagne carriage, from the creative mind of Christian Louboutin.


We’re still not over the 2018 tree, a silver spectacle designed by Diane Von Furstenberg:

Photo: @dvf

And who can forget the 2017 offering, a 16ft upside-down tree created by the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld?

Upside down Christmas tree Claridges London
Photo: @claridge’s

I really could go on and on, but alas we’re out of time. You can see all of Claridge’s Christmas trees, dating back to the first in 2009, by having a gander here. In the meantime, pop down to Mayfair to see this incredible creation!

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