Clapham’s Pop-Up Raclette Bar Is Every Cheese Lover’s Dream

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As avid cheese fans, there’s no place we’d rather brie*.

Le Rac Shack, the UK’s favourite Alpine street food visionaries, are hosting a monthly pop-up in Clapham and it’s the ultimate dining destination for cheese lovers everywhere. The Raclette Bar is a magical faraway land of melty cheese, mighty meats and wondrous wines. Or, in less poetic terms, a humble little restaurant opposite Clapham North station.

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Around for just one week in every month, The Raclette Bar rocks a rocking set menu of, as you’ve probably guessed, cheese. The starter comes as a trio of baked camembert, salmon tartare and goat’s cheese stuffed prunes. But the main? GOD DAMN 😍

The star of the show is a selection of French cheeses to melt on your very own candle-lit raclette burner. You’re then able to pick from either alpine meats or seasonal vegetables to cover in gooey goodness, plus unlimited potatoes, fries, cornichons and green salad. Pair all of that with a fine bottle of red and you’ve got the whole damn package.

Dessert, should you choose to accept the challenge (and trust us, it will be a challenge), is a choice of éclairs, including lemon, coffee or chocolate. So, if you’re a devotee of dairy, get a date in your diary.

You’ll find The Raclette Bar at The Treehouse, 409 Clapham Road, SW9 9BT. It’s only open for one week in every month, so make sure you reserve a table for one of the following weeks: 4th until 9th of July, 1st until 6th of August, 5th until 10th of September, 3rd until 8th of October or 7th until 19th of November.

*Don’t let this fool you, there probably won’t be any brie. We just liked the pun.

Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

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