A TV Channel Dedicated Entirely To Christmas Films Is Launching This Week

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Sony Movies Christmas

Too soon to fall into an endless festival wonderland? You decide…

Now, I’ll freely admit to being a ne’er-do-well who maintains that celebrating Christmas is acceptable only from December 1. However, evidence from some keen beans – including the likes of Liberty and Kew Gardens – implies a push for an early start is particular useful here in 2020. To whit, festive film channel Sony Movies Christmas launches on September 24, playing non-stop Christmas films from now until January.

Sony Movies Christmas
This is excellent news for the “INJECT CHRISTMAS STRAIGHT INTO MY VEINS” crowd, but perhaps a tad hasty for the rest of us – although, admittedly, it is a full two weeks later than the channel launched last year. Four months of films await you, ranging from classics like The Santa Clause, to the direct-to-daytime flicks with increasingly implausible storylines (usually featuring cute inns, contrived meet-cutes, and the lovable interference of animals/elves/children). Personally, I live for these, especially if you can turn ’em into a festive drinking game (top tip: put a Santa hat in one corner of the TV and drink every time someone wears it).

This year’s crop of new arrivals includes intriguing fare such as A Beauty and the Beast Christmas, Marrying Father Christmas, The Christmas Cabin, and The Christmas Contract. Plus, Sony Movies Christmas will attempt to keep the formula from becoming worn out by December by mixing things up with themed weekends, including such fare as ‘Naughty vs. Nice’ and ‘Singing for Christmas’. Oh, and if you’ve seen a snoozing Santa around London over the past few days, it’s all in promotion for the new channel, as he’s set to wake up once Sony Movies Christmas officially launches. At least, I hope so, otherwise 2020 is looking a lot more grim than it already was…

Sony Movies Christmas
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Should you somehow exhaust Sony Movies Christmas by mid-November, you could always switch things over with a mosey over to Netflix, which always produces some crackers. After last year’s winsome The Knight Before Christmas (which features a time-travelling knight, no less), Vanessa Hudgens continues her rule over Netflix’s festive offerings, with a starring turn in The Princess Switch sequel – although, actually, it’s three starring turns for her in The Princess Switch: Switched Again. Expect plenty more where that came from later in the year!

Despite myself, I’m actually feeling quite excited now. Damn you, Sony Christmas Movies!

Find Sony Christmas Movies on Freeview 50, Sky 319, Virgin 424, and Freesat 303, from September 24.

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