These Cute Chicken Nugget Bao Buns Are The Easter Treat You Need

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Chicken nugget bao

Chicken nugget bao buns: four words we very much like the sound of.

Easter is on the way, and we’re already chicking out the themed foods on offer. Making an early play for cutest (and most delicious) Easter treat is BAO’s latest creation, a chicken nugget bao bun with a sweet ‘lil face on it. Just look at them!

Chicken nugget bao

You may find them a little challenging to eat, for whilst the fried chicken filling and pillowy bun make the mouth water, I hesitate at the thought of stuffing that chick into my face. I mean, we all know I’m still going to, but I’ll feel a little bad about it.

Chicken nugget bao

The limited-time treats will be available at BAO’s Soho and Fitzrovia joints, and will set you back £6. Whilst they’re only in store for Easter Sunday (April 21st) and Easter Monday (April 22nd), happier news is on the horizon. Chicken nugget bao buns – sadly without the face – will be available at BAO Borough, which is set to open on May 6th (read all about that here). Until then, you’ve got two days to dive into these eggcellent treats!

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