Sleep Next To Cheetahs And Elephants At This Extraordinary Safari Park Near London

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Cheetahs and elephants 1

Enjoy an immersive wildlife experience at West Midland Safari Park.

West Midland Safari Park is now home to eight luxury lodges where guests can get up close and personal with cheetahs and elephants! Channel your inner Carole Baskin and live amongst these big cats, or spend some quality time with the world’s gentlest giants, the elephants. I love my neighbours, but I’d happily trade them in for these guys. [Featured image: Safari Lodge]

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The safari park redesigned their animal enclosures in order to create the perfect accommodation for guests, and they succeeded. Each lodge is complete with floor-to-ceiling windows that reveal 360° views of the beautiful creatures. You’ll even get a front row seat at feeding times! There are two lodges that overlook the cheetah’s habitat and six offering sensational views of the elephants. Maybe England is more exotic than we thought…

Cheetahs and elephants
Photo: Safari Lodge

Furthermore, your booking will grant you entry to the rest of the park where you can admire lions, giraffes, rhinos, penguins and more. And the fun doesn’t stop there. You can also enjoy their deliriously fun theme park rides and breakfast and dinner is on the house!

West Midland Safari Park is located in Worcestershire just a stone’s throw away from London, and you can rest assured that this trip will be well worth the journey. The lodges are available from summer 2021 and start from £171 per night per adult. Here you can live the life of luxury and rest your head within metres of most stunning creatures out there. Where do we sign up?

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