London’s Famous Cheese Bar Is Getting A Second Restaurant (But It Needs Your Help)

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London’s Famous Cheese Bar Is Getting A Second Restaurant (But It Needs Your Help)

Camden’s beloved Cheese Bar is hoping to launch a second restaurant in central London, but they need your help.

Any true cheese fan will have heard of The Cheese Bar by now: the cosy little restaurant in Camden Market dedicated to all things cheese. But the team, who also happen to be the team behind The Cheese Truck, are looking to open a brand new restaurant in the heart of central London – and this time they’ll be throwing a subterranean wine bar into the mix!

? by @christopherbbriones
? by @christopherbbriones

So why do they need our help?

They’re looking for £200k in funding to help them make this dream become a reality and they’re asking us, the cheese-loving public, to contribute where we can. Their first restaurant was the product of a successful crowdfunding campaign; going above and beyond the target of £100,000 in just three days. But now there’s another chance to keep the wheel of cheese turning. The campaign will launch on Monday 20th August, and each investor will get a slice of ownership, with further rewards including free meals at the restaurant and having The Cheese Truck at your next event – all depending on how much you pledge.

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The second location will serve the same innovative dishes – including their signature cheese toasties – but with the added bonus of a basement wine bar, pouring out a selection of natural wines that can be perfectly paired with cheese and charcuterie.

You can pre-register for the campaign on Thursday 16th August, so you’ll have access before everyone else. (Register here.) The general Crowdcube campaign will go live to the public on Monday 20th August.

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