An Utterly Purrfect Cat Festival Is Coming To London Next Year

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Cat festival

Did you make summer plans already? Cancel them, because this cat festival is more important!

If you haven’t already heard the news – in which case, we’re sorry to break it to you – Glastonbury Festival is taking a year off in 2018. Understandably, people are pretty upset by this, but we think we’ve found a suitable alternative. Yes, you’ll forget all about the Pyramid Stage once you head along to the cat festival that’s set to hit London next summer. CatFest is the “celebration of all things feline”, and the headliners will be cuter than at Glasto…

Cat festival

CatFest arrives on July 14th, 2018, and they’re hoping to whisk-er you away with a catcophony of moggy magic. Honestly, they’ve found more cat-related stuff than you can shake a tail at. You’ll be able to buy cat toys and treats, but that’s only scratching the surface. How about a stop at the Glamour Puss beauty bar for a makeover? Then shop for outfits and accessories for felines and humans alike – think fashionable berets and super-swish collars. Oh, and fancy dress outfits for both, so that’s Halloween 2018 sorted!

Cat festival
Photo: @photographybypanda

Shall we go on? A vegetarian street food festival will also be setting up shop, so no cat food for you. They’re also promising artisan cakes and cocktails, all of which will be kitty-themed. It’s perfect if you have a big night out beforehand, as you can hair of the cat until you feel fresh. To add a touch of culture, you’ll be able to pick up cat books and magazines, and listen to talks by best-selling cat authors. That’s authors who write about cats, before you get too excited… Meanwhile, hang some feline-inspired artwork your living room and you’ll be the cats pyjamas!

Cat festival
Photo: @superfurryfestival

At this point, you’re probably screaming BUT WHERE ARE THE ACTUAL CATS?!? Oh we haven’t forgotten, and neither have CatFest. Their Meow Parlour will be full of adorable furballs, all of them rescue kitties who are up for adoption. In between trying on cat glasses and sipping on a Mancattan, you can pick up a fuzzy companion to take home with you. Alternatively, if your flat is too small already, just take along a ball of yarn and let the games begin…

CatFest will be held at Oval Space in Bethnal Green on July 14th, 2018, and part of the proceeds will go to help the charity Feline Friends. Tickets are on sale, but they’re expected to move faster than a cat on a hot tin roof, so get your paws on some ASAP. Sadly, it isn’t being held in Catford, but the event is still shaping up to be meow-tiful!

Get those tickets any way you can!
Alex Landon

Alex Landon

Although Alex spent most of his life in Somerset and Durham, London is (almost) in his name, so he relocated to Clapham and fell in love with it. However, this has put him dangerously close to Infernos... You'll find him eating all of London's street food, lost in a bookshop, or shouting at his beloved ice hockey team, the Minnesota Wild.

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