A Brand New Free Street Festival Is Coming To Camden This Weekend

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Time for (another) big ol’ party in Camden.

When I say street, you say festival… Doesn’t have the same ring to it when written on the page, but we can say from experience that it does translate in person. So it’s a good thing that an all brand new party on the roads is rolling into Camden tomorrow.

On September 17 & 18, Camden will play host to a brand new street festival, which treats attendees to workshops, activities, film screenings, live performances, and much more. Camden Inspire is set to close two roads across 17,000 square feet over two days as a means to reimagine how we make use of our high streets in London.

Camden Open Air Gallery is also making its debut at the event, as it presents its new community art space and shop which was first imagined during lockdown. They will house vibrant street art workshops during the weekend, as well as tours of the new exhibition.

Image: Sam Rockman

The streets surrounding the new gallery will hold a stage for live music and performances, as well as a pedestrianised hub with 15 traders for food, drink, arts and crafts. Expect the likes of Ma Petite Jamaica, Lost Boys Pizza, Think Coffee, and more.

Georgie Street, Head of Projects at Camden Town Unlimited said: “Camden Inspire has always been about celebrating local small businesses, but this year we are taking the opportunity to do something more ambitious.

“We want to shine a light on the creative independents that make Camden Town such an exciting place to be, whilst showing how activating our local public realm should be a part of the future of our high streets – and our partnership with Camden Open Air Gallery perfectly fits this objective!

“We are using this event to highlight the area’s heritage and history, the entrepreneurs who are bringing it back to life right now, and some incredible prospects like the revival of our live music scene and the Camden Highline, which pose a very bright future.”

Oh, and the best part? It’s free to attend. Get more info here.

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