Butter Me Up! 5 Places To Get The Fluffiest Crumpets in London

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Butter Me Up! 5 Places To Get The Fluffiest Crumpets in London

Warning: this post will be difficult to read if you’re hungry. We don’t want to make your stomach growl, but just think about taking a bite into a fluffy, warm crumpet – a little bit of butter oozes out as you sink your teeth in. (Sorry) Crumpets are a British breakfast staple – a simple base on which you can slap whatever topping takes your fancy. And these London restaurants certainly know how to butter their crumpets the right way…


1. Friends of Ours, Hoxton

[Friend of Ours Cafe]
Friends of Ours Cafe dishes up the modest crumpet very differently. Topped with fresh figs, goat cheese, honey, wild thyme & shortbread, it’s absolutely packed with both sweet and savoury flavours, as well as being a heavenly crunchy, yet fluffy combination crunchy. And we must say, it looks quite the pretty dish too.

N1 6BU


2. Ask for Janice, Farringdon

[Ask For Janice]
This Farringdon gem opens their doors early in the morning – they’re up at 7.30am for breakfast. And good job too, because it means you can squeeze in a well-deserved crumpet before work. You can choose whatever topping you like, but here we like to keep things simple by slathering it up with some salty butter. Up those calcium levels. Find out more about Ask For Janice here.



3. Rawduck, Hackney

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Rawduck take a healthy and simple approach to great flavour. Their crumpets are served hot and topped with Westcombe cheddar & lime pickle, for a delightful combination of gooey goodness with an additional zest. All of their pickles are fermented and jarred in the kitchen.

E8 3NJ


4. The Alchemist, Aldgate
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If you’re feeling particularly hungry and craving more than just a thing spread of jam for your topping, then head to The Alchemist, who make a serious meal out of their crumpets. They’re served with bacon, black pudding and eggs for a hearty take on a British breakfast. Oh myyyy.

EC3a 7BA


5. Good and Proper Tea

Marmite & Cheddar on our Classic Sourdough Crumpets – at Old Street shop & @brockleymarket ?

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What goes best with tea? Good and Proper crumpets, of course! You can sink your teeth into their hot, fluffy and fresh (and untraditionally square) Sourdough Crumpets. If you LOVE it, smother them in marmite and cheese. Head to either their new tea bar on Old Street (EC1v 9NR), which is open from Monday-Saturday or if you pop by their van at Brockley Market (SE4 2SR) on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm.


Are you a brunch lover? Then you’ll totally understand this…

Featured Image credit: Friends of Ours Cafe

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