A Banging Burger Festival Will Hit London This Month

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Come ye burger lovers, and worship at the altar of Bundance.

I don’t usually set much store by ‘National X Day’, but on August 22nd, I am prepared to make an exception. For the 22nd is National Burger Day, and to mark the occasion, London will be blessed by a pun-loving, bun-heavy tribute festival, known as Bundance.

Photo: @honestburgers

Love the name, love the food. Bundance aims to bring together the best burgers in London for a gloriously meaty celebration of the burger, featuring pretty much anything meaty, cheesy, and saucy that’ll fit into a bun. It’ll be hosted at street food temple Hawker House, and feature a proverbial who’s who of London burgerslingers.

Photo: @bleeckerburger

Much like the burgers they’ll be serving, Bundance is fit to bursting with big burger names, amongst them well-established folks such as Honest Burgers, Bleecker Burger, Salt Shed, Thunderbird, and Black Bear Burger. Dinerama’s Tucka Burger will make the trip south, whilst Handsome Burger have come a little further afield – all the way from Galway, where they churn out officially Ireland’s best burger.

Photo: @thunderbirdckn

Other vendors include Brigadiers, who are planning a goat tiki bun kebab, and new spot Four Legs, where the great and good of London’s food scene have been falling over themselves to rave over the Dexter Cheeseburger. More burger bosses will be announced in due course, whilst Secret Nicky’s and Dreamin’ Dough have already been confirmed for dessert duty. It’s a festival to sink your teeth into – August is, after all, the perfect time to show off those buns…

Find it at Hawker House, Canada Street, Rotherhithe, SE16 7PJ. More info and tickets can be found here.

Featured image: @streetfeastldn

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