Feed Your Lockdown Cravings With This Epic Build-A-Burger Kit

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Burger kits

Prepare a mouthwatering stack with these droolworthy burger kits.

Anyone ever go to Build-A-Bear when they were younger? Well, something similar is happening right now, but since delicious food is infinitely more comforting than a cuddly pal, your next construction project will be a handmade burger, lovingly created from one of Perk’d Up Burger’s new DIY burger kits. It just tastes even better when you’ve made it yourself, and the kits include everything you need for the feast, so nab yourself one here. [Featured image: @theburgerlist]

Burger kits

With pretty much all of London’s best burger joints now closed or only offering delivery, the time is ripe to create your own towering stack of beef, cheese, and whatever else you’d like to toss in there. The build-your-own-burger kits come in two varieties: first up, the Perk’d Up Cheeseburger, which consists of organic beef patties, wagyunnaise (that’s Wagyu mayo, just FYI), burger cheese, crispy onions, and brioche buns. Vegetarians are going to want to sink their teeth into the Face-Plant Burger, made with a veggie patty, burger cheese, crispy onions, and whisky butter mayo (please get this in my face right now).

Burger kits

The burger kits feature enough ingredients for four burgers, so enough to feed your flat or indulge in a truly gluttonous feast for one – I won’t judge. Perk’d Up are big on their flavours, with the beef burgers aged up to 35 days, and the veggie burgers infused with root veg gravy and coated in panko breadcrumbs, so you know you’re in for a tasty bite. The kits also come with a step-by-step guide that’ll see you safely for the cooking process, and when those barbecue invites start rolling in again, you’ll be well placed to be Champion of the Grill!

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