Camden’s Swish New Shipping Container Market Is Opening This Month

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Buck Street Market

The bucking swish Buck Street Market has returned, with an exciting new addition.

Poor Buck Street Market has had a rotten run of luck over the past couple of years. Initially set to open in the summer of 2019, the brand new container market was delayed until March 2020, opening its doors in time for a glorious ten days of trading before the coronavirus pandemic hit and forced its closure. But, with the worst of its luck hopefully in the rear view mirror, Buck Street Market will reopen on Wednesday, July 15 – with the addition of a bright pink roof terrace and two new rooftop bars.

Fair to say that this place is a little overdue, then. But we’re not mad, we’re just very, very excited to flock inside now that the doors have finally opened. Taking over the section of Camden Market which hogs the corner of Buck Street and Camden High Street, the new development—featuring 88 recycled shipping containers and spread over three levels—opens for business on Wednesday. And we have to say, its vibe is a little different from the rest of Camden…

Championing sustainability at every turn, Buck Street Market is looking to bring together responsible retailers and flagship dining concepts in a recycled space. With a huge focus on conscious consumption, the street market’s shipping containers have been filled to the brim with hundreds of eco-friendly products and uber ethical retailers. Each container space has been allocated to a business, with new occupants moving in as time passes – for instance, the market will feature community stalls held on rotation by local community businesses and groups.

Buck Street Market

Alongside all the sustainable stuff, the new market will also feature a plethora of street food traders (because as we all know, Camden was sorely lacking those), and even a community-led rooftop garden for people to go and enjoy. Foodie names include the likes of Magic Falafel, Miguel’s Pizza (an NYC-style pizza joint from cookbook author Miguel Barclay), Asador, and Lord of the Wings, with zero waste fine dining restaurant Wildflower – from Irish celebrity chef Adrian Martin – also in residence. Opening in August is Philippe Conticini French Patisserie, who’ll provide delicate pastries for you to munch on whilst meandering around.

Up on the rooftop, you’ll find a millennial pink (yup, still a thing in mid-2020) terrace bedecked with greenery, as part of Camden’s largest rooftop. The space will include two new bars – for sipping cocktails whilst you survey the merry chaos of Camden – and a big screen that’ll screen the likes of festivals, talks, and environmental films (I’d wager it may be commandeered for England’s Euros campaign next year, given how Camden reacted the last time we thought it was coming home…)

Frankly, we’re itching to get down there and explore. Looking after the planet, community spaces, fried chicken – these are all things we’re very happy to have a little more of in our lives. And so, come Wednesday, you’re likely to find us on the corner of Camden High Street with some upmarket beard oil and a matcha macchiato in hand….

If you’re heading to Camden, why not check out the Music Walk of Fame that was unveiled earlier this year, with Amy Winehouse and The Who amongst the first stars added!

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