Bread Ahead Bakery Have A New Residency In Southwark Cathedral And We Doughnut Have Any Complaints

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

Bread Ahead Bakery Have A New Residency In Southwark Cathedral And We Doughnut Have Any Complaints

Bread Ahead have a new venture.

You’ve probably noticed us banging on about Bread Ahead Bakery more than just a few times before. Hell, we even gave making them a crack and called their famous doughnuts London’s best. Big words, yes; but this spot is worthy of such acclaim.

So, it’s excellent news that they have a new residency arriving in a few days. Come September 6, you’ll be able to find their holy–and holey (read: doughnuts)–new venture over at Southwark Cathedral.

Heading back to the borough where they sold their first snack, the legends will be serving up their beautiful produce over at the Cathedral’s café over a six-month residency.

Just moments away from Borough Market, where Matthew Jones and co. set up shop in 2013, they’ll be serving a scrumptious new breakfast and lunch menu, as well as their beloved savoury delights.

The café is open daily from 8am-6pm, and houses over 60 guests in a bright dining room, plus a further 60 outdoors with a fabulous view of the cathedral gardens. Sitting outside with an autumn breeze hitting and the piping hot Bread Ahead bacon sarnie going down like a treat is one way to start your day right.

Later in the day, you’ll find a full selection of salads, soups and sandwiches, as well as a curated list of wine and beer. And, of course, you’ll be able to come in and sink your teeth into their hallowed doughnuts on holy soil. Soil, we might add, that stands the cathedral in which William Shakespeare was said have been a past parishioner of. We should all want to do that for, ya know, the culture.

Wherefore art thou, new Bread Ahead? It’s in Southwark Cathedral Café now, mate. You’ll find that Montague Close, SE1 9DA. Try it between September 6 – February 2022.

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