Bread Ahead Have Launched Their Very Own Online Cookbook

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

Bread Ahead Have Launched Their Very Own Online Cookbook

Anyone else baking their way though lockdown?

The cult London bakery Bread Ahead soared to social media success when they started their incredible Instagram Live baking tutorial sessions a couple of weeks ago. Around four million people tuned in to try and master the art of baking alongside these London professionals. In light of these successes, Bread Ahead have decided to release an e-book, filled with their favourite recipes!

Since baking your way through lockdown is probably the most sensible approach you can take, we expect Bread Ahead are on to a real winner with their e-book. Featuring 18 amazing recipes, which of course include their iconic doughnuts and signature chocolate brownies, it’s fair to say the contents look pretty mouthwatering.

For just £5, you can get your hands on their e-book and start baking up some focaccia, a few sweet treats and maybe even a set of cinnamon buns during your lunch break! Seriously, anyone who loves baking, or who happens to have a super sweet tooth and a whole lot of time on their hands, should be all over this.

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If you’re worried that 18 recipes simply won’t be enough to keep you occupied while in quarantine, then you can always order a signed copied of The Bread Ahead Cookbook from their website instead. Containing an extensive list of over 100 recipes, there will be plenty for you to prep, proof and perfect in these tempting pages. Signed by Bread Ahead founder Matthew Jones himself, this book is the absolute business to have on your shelves.

👉 Order your e-book here!

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