This Bottomless Brunch Serves Killer Kebabs And Top Cocktails • Maison Bab

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

This Bottomless Brunch Serves Killer Kebabs And Top Cocktails • Maison Bab

Forget avo on toast, the kebabs are taking over.

Usually, when we think about kebabs we think: 4am, grease-in-hair, too many Jagerbombs, regret. But all of that is about to change. Because Maison Bab have just launched their brand new ‘Graze-en-Bab Sundays.’ Truly reinventing the wheel, this place is taking brunch in a whole new direction and we have to say, we’re big fans.

Unlike your usual poached eggs and 4-quid latte, Maison Bab are offering a bottomless brunch deal packed full of big flavours, undeniably original dishes and very reasonable prices. And really, what more could you want on a Sunday?

Bright, open and intentionally uncomplicated, Maison Bab’s interiors instantly inform guests that there are no gimmicks to be found here. Deep green furnishings blend with falling foliage and the generally polished look of the place is refreshed by the various patches of graffitti which adorn the walls. The kitchen is on display for all to see and oh my, watching the flames flounce about the pans and the  sauces being generously strewn over dishes is sure to get your mouth watering.

So what is this brunch deal exactly? Well for two whole hours, you can scoff as many pork kebabs or sabichs as you can manage, and sink seriously strong cocktails to your heart’s content.

Pork Kebabs

But these are not your regular kebabs though – oh no, these are classy kebabs. Maison Bab’s signature Pork Shawarma carve is slow cooked for 15 hours – which is about as long as you need to sleep for after indulging in a number of them – and then caramelised over hot charcoal. Encased in a homemade Maison flatbread, laden with pickled cucumber and drenched in a zingy Chermoula mayo, this is truly a creation to behold. Crispy, sticky, smoky and sweet, these babs are in a whole different legaue to the late night pit-stops you’re use to.

Veggies, have no fear because there’s something equally delicious for you on the menu: a Maison Sabich. This Israeli-inspired sandwich is stuffed with house-smoked aubergine, coated with a rich yoghurt dressing and scattered with chilli peanuts, shallots and cress. Smoky, a little spicy and genuinely refreshing, we guarantee you’ll still be thinking about it mid-week.

Wash it all down with a Bacardi Cuatro Daiquiri, a Martini Blood Orange spritz or our personal favourite, an Espresso Babtini. The perfect blend of Jungle Super-Brew, 42 Below Vodka, and Kahlua, there’s really no question as to why this caffeinated concoction is the joint’s signature cocktail. Boozy, fresh and totally feel good, this is exactly what brunch is suppose to be about.

Meat Butter Naan
Photo: @maisonbab

And although we love brunch, you should pop into Maison Bab if your ever passing simply to try their meat butter naan. Truly the stuff of legend and one to rival Dishoom’s bacon and egg naan (yeah I said it), this rippable and dippable doughy delight is truly a taste sensation. Indulgent, buttery and endlessly umami it will be one of the best fivers you ever spend.

Proudly making everything from scratch and only using seasonal, ethical ingredients, Maison Bab is serving guilt free grub at a ridiculously high standard. So why not shake up your Sunday? Forget your usual spot and try something different; we promise, Maison Bab will not disappoint.

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