This Dazzling Sunday Brunch Serves Samosas, Dosas And Mimosas

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This Dazzling Sunday Brunch Serves Samosas, Dosas And Mimosas

‘Samosas, Dosas & Mimosas’ is the excellent new brunch offering from Bombay Bustle.

I have to admit, I was drawn to this entirely by its excellent title, and I did wonder if the food could quite live up to it. Surely they’ve just put these three things together for the sake of a good rhyme? But of course they aren’t three random things. Bombay Bustle could easily have designed the menu irregardless of name, and at the end of it gone, What a coincidence! We’ve got three ‘osas’! 

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Created by Executive Chef Surender Mohan, Bombay Bustle’s brunch menu is a melangé of popular dishes from London and Mumbai.

Like any good brunch, it starts with eggs (yes, I know, we’ll get to the ‘osas). So, if you’re looking for a twist on the classic Sunday brunch, try the Baida Roti stuffed with Lincolnshire sausage, or the Tamera Per Edu – a popular breakfast favourite in Parsi households.

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There’s a trio of different dosas you can try, choosing from the veggie Aloo Masala, the delectable Duck Chettinad, or their signature Bheja Pepper Masala (that latter one was delicious, but I’d maybe avoid Googling ‘Bheja’ halfway through a mouthful: learn from my mistake).

If you’re in it for the second ‘osa, prepare yourself for a treat of the tastebuds — the Samosa Papdi Chaat is awesome, and we’re sure the Bohri Lamb Samosa is pretty good, too. There are also plenty of non-osas that will blow you away! My personal favourites were the Lobster Tail & Scallop Khichdi and the Dabba Dal.

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Photo: @georgiehoole

I took my sister along, who is unhealthily obsessed with Indian food, and I think she used the exact phrase: This might be the best food I’ve ever had. She then proceeded to take the chef’s business card “to ask him if he’ll cater for her wedding one day”. Basically, if this has such an enthusiastic thumbs up from my sister—Queen of Curry, Lover of Samosas, First of Her Name—then it’s got to be good. Her top three dishes were the Bambaiya Ragda (potato patties), the Chole Bhaturey and the Methi Aloo, just in case you were wondering.

Photo: @georgiehoole

Moving on to the liquids, let it be known that Bombay Bustle’s mimosas are far more than just OJ and Prosecco. These little guys are a filled with all sorts of deliciousness (and Champagne if you’re feeling boujee). Try flavours such as Royal Cardamom Infused Peach, Blue Butterfly Pea Flower & Lemongrass, or Andhra Chilli Spiced Mango.

Also, quick shout out to the sorbet! Who knew Orange & Basil and Strawberry & Black Pepper would taste so good in a scoop?

Samosas, Dosas & Mimosas launched this month and will run every Sunday from 11am to 3pm. You’ll find Bombay Bustle at 29 Maddox Street, just off Regent Street. More info here

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