Boris Johnson Is Providing £50 Vouchers To Help You Repair Your Bike

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Boris Johnson Is Providing £50 Vouchers To Help You Repair Your Bike

Boris is encouraging you to get on yer bike by giving away vouchers to repair tired cycles.

Many of us have an old bike sitting around, not used for years. It can summon quite a hefty bill repairing these out-of-use, rusty machines.

As a way to draw the public away from crowded public transport—as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle—Boris Johnson is providing £50 vouchers to repair those old bikes and get them on the road.

This comes alongside an update to the Cycling and Walking plan for Britain, as the nation adjusts to post-lockdown life. This sees a new £2 billion investment in zero-emission transport.

On top of the voucher scheme, there are a number of new ways the investment aims to help cycling initiatives. These include NHS doctors prescribing cycling for physical and mental health, building new routes, and tackling theft and cycling safety.

The vouchers for bike repair, worth £50, are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 50,000 went on sale last night and have since been snapped up. Subsequent vouchers will be released at the Energy Saving Trust site on a gradual basis.

Vouchers are redeemable at any participating bike repair shop. Both adults and children’s bikes can be repaired.

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