The UK’s Biggest Kaleidoscope Arrived In London Today

Georgie Hoole Georgie Hoole - EXECUTIVE EDITOR

The UK’s Biggest Kaleidoscope Arrived In London Today

This exciting new exhibition features the UK’s largest kaleidoscope – and it’s totally free to visit.

Bringing together nine of the world’s most exciting contemporary artists, Kaleidoscope is a multi-media art exhibition, featuring still life paintings, sculptures and, of course, a ruddy huge kaleidoscope. Remember those?!

Laura Buckley_Fata Morgana (detail)

London artist Laura Buckley’s giant kaleidoscope, named Fata Morgana, is the centrepiece of the exhibition – the bit that will suck everybody in. It’s a mesmerising and frankly befuddling installation that allows its audience to step inside and admire the mirrored walls, distorting imagery and audio effects. Prepare to be both dazzled and disorientated.

Giant Kaleidoscope London Saatchi Gallery

Now free to visit at London’s Saatchi Gallery, Kaleidoscope examines the distortion of human perception; an exploration into the way we interact and engage with our surroundings. As a collective, the artworks form a “kaleidoscopic representation of the world, revealing a constantly changing sequence of elements and mediums”.

Catch Kaleidoscope at Saatchi Gallery from March 15 to May 5, 2019. For more details, head to the gallery’s website

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