Here’s What London’s Big Naked Bike Ride Looked Like

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Here’s What London’s Big Naked Bike Ride Looked Like

Hundreds of scantily-clad cyclists swooped through the city this Saturday, in the London leg of the World Naked Bike Ride.

The fleshy peloton snaked through central London, and for those able not to avert their eyes, many an Instagram was captured. Enjoy the following (mostly) dick-free visions from this weekend’s World Naked Bike Ride!

Saturday, August 14 dawned bright, sunny, and very very naked.

You know what they say: sun’s out, bums out.

The World Naked Bike Ride champions a variety of causes, from pervasive car culture and global oil dependency, to promoting body positivity.

(Of course, it’s also a cracking excuse to strip off and pedal through the streets of London.)

Just for clarity, participants could be as clothed or as naked as they liked – with many choosing the option to bare all.

Here they go, like tiny naked ants…

They are legion. They are also naked. And some even vegan and covered in paint.

Of course, nakedness was no excuse for not following the rules of the road – always look over your shoulder!

Even starkers, the peloton managed to do a little sightseeing, crossing Trafalgar Square…

…zooming past a scaffolded Big Ben…

…and they even paid a visit to Her Majesty’s pad, perhaps with the intent of coaxing a royal along (although one suspects the royal behinds do not travel al fresco).

Triumphantly making their point across 65km of London streets, the World Naked Bike Ride will return for 2022…

Maybe you’ll be joining them?

Alternatively, enjoy one of six sunny cycle rides in London – best to keep your pants on for these though!

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