We Tried London’s Classiest Beer And Cheese Experience • The Chesterfield Mayfair

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We Tried London’s Classiest Beer And Cheese Experience • The Chesterfield Mayfair

Beer and cheese might just be the next big thing…

For many of us, the cheese board is a (if not the) key component on a British Christmas Day. Our post-roast bellies may be ready to pop, but we’ll always manage to squeeze in a bit (or a lot) of room for a few glasses of wine, and a good dose of cheese.

But there’s a new booze pairing on the block; a combo that’ll be tickling our tastebuds this festive season. It’s…… beer and cheese!


Hop off at Green Park and stroll through the quaint streets of Mayfair until you arrive at the door of The Chesterfield Hotel. You’ll immediately feel at home (albeit a lavish, award-winning, four star one) when you are welcomed by friendly smiles from every member of staff in this quintessentially British hotel.

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Enjoy some snacks and a drink in the Terrace Bar as you admire the emerald green decor and historic photos of Londoners from centuries ago. Later, take a seat in one of the couch-chairs hidden away in a cosy corner. While you sit, a grand pianist will play a selection of old and new tunes to relax and sooth your soul. 🎵

A mouthwatering selection of cheeses will be waiting for you on the table, accompanied by four empty beer jars, which, of course, will not remain empty for long…

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A lovely member of staff will be on hand in no time to come and talk you through the experience; pouring each beer one at a time to keep them cold and fresh.

You will be given an insightful lesson about the origins and production of each beer and cheese, which the staff have carefully and creatively combined to make for the perfect match. Cut a slice of cheese and rub it on the top of your mouth, before taking a swig of beer to create paradise for your palette.


The cheeses and beers you try will vary in every sense of the word: the taste and texture changing with the towns they are made in, and the ingredients with which they are formed. Enjoy ‘Stichelton’, a stilton-recipe blue cheese known for its soft and creamy texture and long-lasting flavours, followed by the washed-rind sheep’s milk cheese, ‘Riseley’, with hints of smoky bacon. ‘Sinodun Hill’ has a refreshing yoghurt flavour and light texture, while the ‘St Cera’ provides an intense, melting finale.

And while all these cheeses survive on their own as fine sources of flavours, it is the delicious craft beers from England’s most notable regional breweries and cider makers that make for a truly unique and indulgent experience.


For those of you who aren’t beer and cheese fans: firstly, you are insane. But luckily for you, The Chesterfield have plenty of other options for mastering mixology. Own your G&T choices by experimenting with gins, tonics and garnishes; discover the history of rum, the spirit that fuelled an empire; or sample selected whiskies from around the world, including a Highland Chocolatier pairing with chocolate exclusively selected for the Chesterfield Mayfair!

It would be a shame not to experience the charm of the Terrace Bar, so even if experiences aren’t for you, head over for a special festive hot chocolate, or a warming mulled wine.

The beer and cheese experience is available daily from 12pm to 8pm. It costs £50 for two people and you can book it here

Images courtesy of The Chesterfield Mayfair.

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