Bash Away Your Stress At This Immersive Drumming Experience

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor


Drum your troubles away with BeatOrbit.

We all need a good outlet for stress every now and then, and since New York’s public punching bags don’t look to be on the way, I reckon this should do nicely instead. BeatOrbit’s interactive drumming circle will soothe your nerves and get your feet tapping, so grab your tickets now.

Make no mistake, this is a hi-tech solution to the little niggling angsts of modern life. BeatOrbit vowed to bring drumming back into style, and “dress it up to look sexy” – and they’ve certainly succeeded. Billed as “Rock Band on steroids”, BeatOrbit brings people together through music and invites them to collaborate on some catchy tunes to gain a new understanding of music. Drummers sit in a circle around a concert-grade interactive drum kit, with professional acoustics taking your mellow beats to the next level.


The aim is that as you drum along, getting lost in the music and the rhythms you’re creating, you beat your stresses away. VR visuals and panorama projections will help set the atmosphere, and you’ll also be taught beats to get you drumming like a pro, even if – like me – you have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. Plus, BeatOrbit offers a range of different music styles, from meditative slow jams to heart-pounding trash metal; really, there’s a genre for every stress level.


In the immortal words of Gloria Estefan, “the rhythm is gonna get’cha” – so why not give it a try?

Find your tickets to BeatOrbit here.

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