Bao Are Unveiling Fifteen Delicious New Buns This January

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Battle of the Bao

The Battle of the Bao has begun, and you’re the judging panel…

I’m going to go ahead and call this the most delicious ‘New Year, New Me’ plan that’s yet been unveiled. In a neat attempt to liven up January, BAO have crowdsourced ideas for their new bao buns from everyone from their head chef to the wait staff – an initiative which has resulted in some truly spectacular creations. They’ll be going on sale throughout the month, and you’re invited to vote with your mouths – much in the manner of an unstoppably hungry ballot box – to crown the winner of the Battle of the Bao.

Battle of the Bao
Photo: @bao_london

Fifteen baos are being showcased in the Battle of the Bao, one every weekday from now until the end of January. This is what you’ll be scoffing if you head down to Soho this month:

Monday 13th  – Jerk Chicken
Tuesday 14th  – Chip Butty
Wednesday 15th  – Egg Sando
Thursday 16th  – Taro Creamy Salted Egg
Friday 17th – Sweet Wedding
Monday 20th – Philly Cheesesteak
Tuesday 21st – Bloodcake
Wednesday 22nd – The Cod Dog
Thursday 23rd  – Banoffee
Friday 24th – Sweet Potato Crème Brûlée
Monday 27th – Crisp Sandwich
Tuesday 28th – Fondue
Wednesday 29th– Luxury Scallop
Thursday 30th  – Baonana Fritter
Friday 31st – Smores & Banana

The bao buns range from the obvious crowdpleasers (Smores & Banana 🤤) to the niche (I for one will be steering clear of the Bloodcake Bao) to the frankly genius ideas that somehow we’ve never thought of before (the Crisp Sandwich Bao, a certified gamechanger). I’m also really intrigued to see how a Fondue Bao works, to be honest.

Battle of the Bao
Photo: @bestlondonfood

Each bao is available for one day only, at one location – you’ll find them at BAO Soho, and only on the lunch menu. Members of the public are invited to give feedback on taste and presentation, with the overall champion bestowed the title of The Big BAO People’s Winner 2020. Further glory awaits; a panel of industry experts will come together to anoint The Overall Big BAO of 2020, which will then be featured as a special across all of BAO’s restaurants (it also nets its creator a big case of beer, which is a nice touch). Who will you bao down to? Only one way to find out…

Featured image: @bao_london

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