The Legendary Bat Signal Will Shine Over London On Saturday To Celebrate Batman Day

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Bat signal

Gotham London celebrates a very special Batman milestone.

Just over 80 years ago, on a dark (k)night in New York, the very first Batman comic was released, letting legions of people know they were safe under the protection of the Caped Crusader. Over 800 comics and 60-odd films later, and Batman has become a part of our cultural consciousness, a beacon of hope that warns criminals to live in fear. And now, to celebrate the day of the legendary hero, the Bat Signal will be beamed into the skies of London on Saturday (September 18), for one night only.

It’s a fitting tribute to a man who has done excellent things to a) protecting the vulnerable and dispensing justice, and b) rehabilitating the reputation of your standard billionaire. At 8pm on Saturday, the famed bat signal will be beamed onto London’s Senate House, where it will remain shining for half an hour, before returning at 10.15 for another spell. Look up, and know you’re safe under the watchful gaze of Adam West/George Clooney/Michael Keaton/Christian Bale/Ben Affleck (delete as appropriate).

Bat signal
A rendering of the bat signal at Senate House. Photo: DC Comics

The bat signal is also beaming out in Liverpool and Glasgow this weekend, but I think we all know that Batman loves London best. Per the DC announcement, “The exact locations will be teased on Instagram and Facebook by DC GB Facebook and DCUKComics on the 18th to give Bat-Signal seekers a head start.” Ever the mysterious type, eh Bruce?

Find the bat signal (and maybe even Batman himself) at the (TBA) London location on Saturday.

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