The Barmiest Walking Tour In London (And That’s No Lie)

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack


Walking tours are one of the best ways to learn fascinating facts about our fine city. But now there’s one dedicated to blowing your mind… with bullshit.

Bullshit London is the walking tour inspired by our innate capacity for mendacity, manipulation and downright deceit. The crafty nonsense purveyors have spent the last four years entertaining Londoners and visitors alike with the funniest Fake News about the capital, creating tales so tall, they’re quite literally unbelievable.

It’s just the thing for those looking for an afternoon full of giggles while also exploring the city a little more. Because while the places you visit may be fascinating in their own right, they’ll be accompanied by a few hundred porkies from your guide.

Some of the most popular choices of the tour include the original Southbank ‘Tourist Trap’ Tour and the City Tour, where you can finally visit the spot where Queen Victoria exploded – and maybe even see the famous Thames mermaids.

Basically, prepare to learn about London through the eyes of a supreme bullshitter.

Get your tickets to the Southbank and City Tours.

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