Weather Gods Promise The Bank Holiday Is Going To Be Really Rather Nice

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Bank holiday weather

London is in for a treat this bank holiday, weather-wise.

Aside from that mind-meltingly scorching week where the mercury nudged 37℃, we haven’t had the greatest weather of late. As if to compensate for a rainy start to August, the weather gods have decreed that the bank holiday weekend shall be absolutely peachy, with rising temperatures and sunshine forecast for the long weekend.

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Really, this weather seems like it was designed in a lab for peak outdoors-ing. Not too hot, not too cold, bare minimum chance of rain, and a wee bit of cloud cover to provide a little respite. Feast your eyes on the BBC, who have plumped for a 27℃ high on Saturday – and perhaps more importantly, no more than an 8% chance of rain throughout the three days.

Bank holiday weather
AccuWeather are a little more concerned about the chance of clouds, but the ambient temperature is still very nice.

Bank holiday weather
The Weather Channel hew closely to the BBC’s predictions, with Saturday once again the most favourable day.

Bank holiday weather
[The Weather Channel]
And whilst The Met Office aren’t seeing that 27℃ high, they’re in agreement that the afternoons will be the sunniest times of the weekend.

Bank holiday weather
[Met Office]
The weather forecasting community have literally never let us down before, so I’m blindly putting my faith in the absolute certainty of this. No chance of disappointment there…

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