A Brand New Axe-Throwing Bar Could Be Opening Up In BOXPARK Croydon

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A Brand New Axe-Throwing Bar Could Be Opening Up In BOXPARK Croydon

Axes at the ready!

Ah, BOXPARK. Home to delectable street food; provider of tables-upon-table-upon-tables to enjoy pints; and, crucially, a venue many of us frequented during that loud, hazy summer to watch England’s 2018 World Cup run. [Featured Image: @badaxethrowing, Instagram].

It’s safe to say that not a day goes by where we don’t miss places and memories like these ones as we wait out the lockdown. But, once it’s open again, Croydon’s BOXPARK may just have another string to its bow.

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Axe throwing has been enjoying a quiet rise in popularity. I mean, in these uncertain times, doesn’t throwing blade into a piece of wood sound… quite appealing?

Previously, we’ve told you about the likes of Whistle Punk in Vauxhall, and now an all-new axe-throwing bar could be opening up at BOXPARK in Croydon.

Bad Axe has applied for a permit in the prominent venue which, if approved, would see them reside in units 53-57. The company already has a spot set up at the Wembley BOXPARK venue, Bad Axe’s only other branch in the UK.

Their application to Croydon Council reads: “Bad Axe Throwing is the world’s biggest urban axe throwing club. Their mission is to bring the thrill of a traditional Canadian backyard pastime to urban communities.

“With the talented axe throwing coaches, hundreds of thousands of people have been able to share their passion for throwing axes. They pride ourselves in delivering outstanding customer service to all of our clients whether it’s for walk-ins, leagues, private parties and team building events.”

Should this be successful, the axe-throwing bar would be permitted to serve alcohol from 11am-11pm (10pm on Sundays).

BOXPARK is due to reopen on April 12, in compliance with Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown restrictions. While that might come too soon for news on Bad Axe’s permit, this is definitely one to look out for in the future.

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