12 Awesome Apps You Never Knew You Needed

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

12 Awesome Apps You Never Knew You Needed

Prepare to procrastinate!

With the whole world somewhat on lockdown at the moment due to coronavirus, you now finally have the time to fix that bathroom cabinet that has been broken since you moved in! Only kidding. Now is actually the perfect time to download a bunch of awesome apps you never knew you needed. With so much out there, it’s tricky to know where to start — but we’ve done the hard work for you. From food to fitness, language to life hacks, we’ve found some amazing apps that will get you through this pandemic.

1.The Great British Bake Off

What with the global pandemic, you might be thinking that nothing could make this better. But how wrong you would be, for cake makes everything better. Packed full of fabulous recipes and tips from your favourite star bakers, The Great British Bake Off app will help you to avoid a soggy bottom and rustle up something worthy of a handshake (though you might have to cash that one in another time). Keep yourself busy in the kitchen with the GBBO app! Download it now.

2. Duolingo

So, GCSE Spanish may not have been your strong point, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a true linguist at heart. Duolingo makes learning another language super easy— seriously, even I’ve started—and, after a brief five minute session everyday, you’ll actually see a major improvement. Muy bien! Download it now.

3. My Fitness Pal

While I am absolutely thrilled that social distancing gives me an excuse to avoid the gym for the foreseeable future, keeping fit is a major concern for many people currently working from home. My Fitness Pal is a fab little app that helps you keep track of what you’re eating, how much you’re moving, and how much water you’re drinking, so you can stay healthy and hydrated even if you’re missing out on that morning walk to work. Download it now.

4. Jumbo Privacy

If after watching The Great Hack on Netflix, you actually just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry because of how terrified you were, well… same. But, if it has subsequently made you a little bit more aware of keeping your data safe while browsing, then Jumbo Privacy is the app for you. It helps you take control of your data and explains all the online threats that you’ve succumb to, so you can learn new ways to protect yourself online! Download it now.

5. Calm

Voted the 2018 iPhone app of the year, you’ve probably heard of Calm already. But, if you haven’t, this is probably the perfect time to discover it! Aiming to help people sleep better and reduce their anxiety, Calm is full of stories, meditation sessions and soothing music, sure to help you relax. Download it now.

6. Gboard

Let’s face it, when we’re unsure of pretty much anything, we do one thing and one thing only: Google it. But, going onto safari and opening a new tab so you don’t lose your ASOS basket is all a bit of a faff. Thankfully, Gboard puts the power of Google Search right into your keyboard and, with funky tips and tricks like fast GIF search and glide typing, Gboard will help you keep the office banter flowing online while you practise social distancing! Download it now.

7. Bear Notes

If you’re something of a neat-freak and you love nothing more than looking at a really well-crafted list, then Bear is the app you have been missing in your life. With a load of different themes and typography for you to use, all to make everything look as lovely as possible, it really is the most satisfying way to organise all of your notes and tasks. Download it now.

8. Vivino

Let’s be real here, you probably don’t know all that much about wine. You might be able to tell the difference between red and white, but beyond that you haven’t got the foggiest. Mercifully, Vivino knows everything. Literally the best way to avoid bringing a tragic bottle over to a friend’s, or unscrewing something truly disappointing after a long, hard day — simply scan the bottle’s label and the app will give you a rating and a bunch of reviews to look through. Cheers! Download it now.

8. Sky Guide

Considering you might be spending a whole lot more time staring out of your window in the next few weeks, it might be a fun idea to download Sky Guide. An app that instantly lets you find cool constellations, satellites and far off planets when you hold your phone up to the sky. This is the perfect thing to help you escape reality and feel a little out of this world. Download it now.

9. Viber

A fabulously free messaging server, Viber is the perfect way to keep in contact with everyone you love, all around the world. Stay up to date with all your favourite people and follow incredible accounts like The Huffington Post, WWF and, ahem, Secret London, for daily news updates and cheery little pick-me-ups. Download it now.

10. Kitchen Stories

Ordering Deliveroo gets dangerously expensive after a while, so why not use some of your extra free time to master a few new recipes? Kitchen Stories is one of the easiest-to-use cooking apps, so even if you’re not Gordon Ramsey, you won’t end up looking like an idiot sandwich when you have a go. An absolute life-saver, this app is full of videos and easy step-by-step guidance to ensure you don’t end up eating Pot Noodles for days on end! Download it now.

11. Headspace

You might think that setting aside ten minutes a day to do absolutely nothing is counterintuitive, but that’s not actually the case. Headspace helps you decompress and destress by encouraging you to take some time with yourself to relax. Get comfortable, reconnect with your mind and body, and feel a little more in control of your life. Download it now.

12. LastPass

Trust me, we’ve all been there: staring desperately at the screen, entering every variation of your uncle’s first pet’s name, trying to remember exactly what your password is. Well, LastPass eradicates that issue for you. Encrypting and storing all of your passwords safely in one place, this app lets you seamlessly checkout and log in without any unnecessary admin hassle. Amazing. Download it now.

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