A Stunning Festival Of Artificial Intelligence Arrives At The Barbican Next Month

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Artificial intelligence

AI: More Than Human is a thought-provoking immersion into the world of artificial intelligence.

If you think artificial intelligence means pretending to know who René Descartes is, then you really need to head to the Barbican’s upcoming exhibit. AI: More Than Human arrives at everyone’s favourite Brutalist hotspot on May 16th, exploring the technology and developments which aim to fundamentally reshape the way we live our lives. Pretty standard stuff, then.

Artificial intelligence

Billed as a festival of science and technology, the exhibition will draw on the creations of scientists, researchers, and artists to create an interactive experience. You’re invited to interface with cutting-edge research projects from the smartypants at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and DeepMind, along with the work of renowned professor and architect Neri Oxman.

Artificial intelligence

It’s no exaggeration to state that our response to the soon-to-be-widespread use of artificial intelligence will dictate the future of humanity, so the Barbican have also invited some artists along to help you wrap your head around things. Mario Klingemann, Es Devlin, teamLab, and Brit Award-winning Massive Attack (amongst others) will contribute a series of exhibits and installations to the Barbican’s display.

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Artificial intelligence

The future is coming, people. Now it’s just a case of what we want to see first – personally, I’m hoping for a robot butler or two…

Location: Barbican Centre, Silk Street, EC2Y 8DS. Nearest station is Barbican.
Opening hours: AI: More Than Human runs from May 16th to August 26th. Opening hours will be 10am-6pm (Sat to Wed), 10am-9pm (Thu to Fri).
Price: £15 on weekdays, £17 on weekends and Bank Holidays. Find your tickets here.
More information: on their website.

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