The British Museum’s Winter Exhibition Is All About The Arctic

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We’re in for a chilly one with Arctic: Culture and Climate.

London may grind to a halt when the first snow falls, but not everywhere is as ill-equipped for a little ice as we are. For instance, the Arctic has hosted thriving cultures for 30,000 years despite being one of the tougher places on Earth to live. To celebrate and explore the culture, people, and environment of the region, the British Museum is taking it as the subject of their big winter exhibition, in Arctic: Culture and Climate.

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This is one of the few times where the lockdown might have actually had an unforeseen benefit: the exhibiton was originally planned for summer 2020, but has now been pushed back until October 22, perhaps better aligning it with the seasons. It’ll make a chill winter’s day in London seem positively balmy by comparison, what with all the ice and snow you’ll be looking at.

[British Museum]
Arctic: Culture and Climate has been developed in collaboration with Arctic communities, whose view of their homeland is being rapidly altered by the myriad threats of climate change. The exhibition celebrates the ingenuity of native Arctic-dwellers, and looks at the methods they’ve used to thrive in the planet’s most northernmost region, even as global climate upheaval threatens their way of life.

On display for the duration of the exhibit will be items as diverse as 28,000-year-old mammoth ivory jewellery and custom-made snowmobiles, along with indigenous artwork and modern photography that takes a closer peek at contemporary life in the Arctic Circle. You’ll be able to catch it from October 22 until February 21, 2021, and tickets are currently on sale at £18 for adults. With the Arctic under such severe pressures, awareness is key – and it might be your last chance to see this way of life before it starts to disappear entirely…

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Featured image: British Museum

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