Watch Andrea Bocelli’s Awe-Inspiring Easter Concert From Milan’s Empty Cathedral

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Andrea Bocelli concert

The opera singer left the world stunned with his live Easter concert in Milan’s Duomo Cathedral.

Andrea Bocelli’s voice struck a chord with listeners as they tuned in from around the world to stream Music for Hope: Live from Duomo di Milano. As many stayed home for Easter, distanced from family and friends, Italy led the way in uniting people through a moving live performance in one of Milan’s most breathtaking settings.

Easter Sunday in Milan would normally see the Duomo Cathedral brimming with people, but for the first time in years, it was hauntingly vacant. While the nation remains in lockdown, Bocelli’s captivating voice echoed through the quiet streets and became a symbol of hope that was felt by everyone.

Andrea Bocelli easter
Andrea Bocelli outside Duomo Cathedral in Milan, image via YouTube

The streaming began with panoramic views of an abandoned Milan, accompanied by poetic words from the singer. As the camera panned through the empty cathedral, Bocelli proceeded to sing a variety of holy songs ending with an a cappella version of “Amazing Grace” as he stepped out into the open square for a momentous finale.

If you weren’t one of the twenty-seven million viewers that watched the Boccelli’s live Easter performance on Sunday, then you can watch the full concert below.

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